Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hands Fans the Perfect Marketing Tools at Trade Shows

The Hand Fans are the product came from the China's Zhou Dynasty. In the 11th century, the Chinese had invented this handheld fan. Especially these Chinese are credited with the invention of the half-moon hand held fan. Hand held fans are made with high-quality material. High-quality fans will be made from the basswood handle. These are still made from the bamboo and silk materials, and also of paper, wood, palm tree leaves and other materials.
Personalized Hand Fans are really fun and affordable items and treated as promotional products for any business. The first hand fans were made from bird feathers or large leaves. The hand held fans offer the most flexibility and can be created with your own design. And these Hand Fans are also treated as perfect decorative pieces at home. It is also one of the ways by bringing a part of China's culture inside your home.

Types of Hand Fans:

Hand held types

Folded types

Round types

Really these handmade objects are painted and well designed in such a way that will attract each and every one. Make sure that these fans are not just filled with embroidery but it can also be made from precious gems for more attractive and loyalty.

We can simply use these handheld fans in order to fan and keep them cool during the hot summer months. It only covers the full face by fanning. This is a great way to keep guests more comfortable. These Custom Hand Fans are getting popular as one of the most official way of gifting for their business.

Custom Hand Fans are a powerful tool for advertising to any business. These will available with very low cost that gives a constant image for promotion. It can be customized to specific shapes and sizes. Being the surface of these fans is extra large and having plenty of places to print anything for your business promotion.

Apart from the all promotional tools like Personalized Flashlights and Custom First Aid Kits there are many businesses are taking advantage of using Hand Fans. Custom hand held fans are good for economical advertising. For any type of business they use to promote their brand or service it is essential that the promotional material is both suitable for efficient and economical. It helps to create a brand name of your company and its image also.

Nowadays many of the manufacturers had introduced a free designing facility for the customers who can send their own designs or contact the graphic designers to make. Like this the online manufacturer has also introduced new designs for their buyers for more attraction.


  1. I love the two (2) types of hand fans pictured here, the first one looks perfect as giveaways for car owners and the second one, definitely not just for kids, it's going to make great hand fan favors for parties.

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