Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Custom Locks Increases your Business Productivity along with the Strategy

It is very important to choose a suitable lock for their belongings either for home or luggage. There are many different types which are available in the market as per your requirement. 

Nowadays each and every business is looking for the highest position in this boosted world. Well these promotional products are the perfect activity concerning to the business strategies, business identity throughout the world. As per the marketing and advertising be sure to select perfect wholesale promotional products which enhances your business for high levels. These products will raise the business productivity along with the marketing strategies.

Custom Locks are the best and prefect promotional products which rise to the new aspects of business. These Custom Locks give the security for both internal and external parts of your home or office and even for Garment bags also. People love to buy these  Personalized Luggage Tags  for their security and identification. Among all the most secure locks of all types is the deadbolt lock. It has a unique functionality which is entirely different from the spring-bolt lock. A spring-bolt has a spring to keep the bolt where retraction is applied to force on the bolt. Mostly these types of deadbolts are used for the main entrance to their houses which provided the added security. It provides the physical security standard for the main and exterior doors.     

Three types of Deadbolt locks

Single Cylinder Dead Bolt: It works with the simple and basic mechanism to handle. It generally works with the combination of the door knob and the lever handle to open. Remember the knob is not fully secure in the house which may be broken easily. Here a unique key is required for this lock to open or close even from inside of the house. By pressing the knob with the help of your thumb also it works.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt:  It has the keyholes on both sides of the door. This type of double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to operate the deadbolt from both sides of the door (internal and external). These are especially used for the doors with windows because it is highly impossible to open the door even if you break the glass and trying to open it from inside. Without key it is not possible to open like single cylinder locks.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt: There is a special numeric keypad comes with a password to open or close the lock which are key less. This is the awesome technique for the cars to be locked but with the remote. Both works with the same principle called code to unlock. In order to save time and carrying the keys these are very perfect locks. Especially for the disabled persons these are very useful. 

In facts these Wholesale Locks provide a unique status of security from the buglers and even restricted for the outsides to get inside.

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